HEALTH with health coach Alex Bartee

Episode 83 · September 29th, 2019 · 38 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

Alex ended up in a spiral of over exercise and restrictions as a model and actress. Reading a book changed her life and she went from being riddled with anxiety to feeling so good she wanted to help others. That's when she became a health coach and yoga instructor.

*In this episode, we talk about: *

  • How she now will sometimes go without exercising for 5 days! (Heidi note: And she looks AMAZING!)
  • Gut Health
  • One simple thing that will brighten and beautify your skin
  • Why eating fruit after a meal is so bad (she blew my mind on this one)
  • Popular health trends - Are they good/bad? Celery juice, Alcoholic Seltzer, sparkling water, Plant based Burgers, Camel Milk

*Links to what we talked about: *
Beauty Detox Book -
Solluna Probiotics -
The Plant Based Solution -
Blue Light Blocker Glasses -
Article on Camel Milk & why it's good for you -
Plant Proof Website with Simon Hill -

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